12月 2022

北京时间12月02日,Not only for couples, but also advocating the new wedding trend of new happy events and simple weddings. In recent years, Shan County has also explored and launched many measures: launching a special action to "restrain sky-high betrothal gifts and promote new weddings" to change customs, zero betrothal gifts, Families with low betrothal gifts will be rewarded and encouraged, and models such as "new era civilized practice wedding hall" and "voluntary matchmaker" will be popularized, and solidly carry out voluntary services for new weddings...

Rapidly develop the silver-haired economy. In response to the service needs of the silver-haired population formed by the "63 baby boomer + 1 child policy", the government, the market, and individuals cooperate to optimize resource allocation, and do a good job in providing services for the bottom-up/poor population, inclusive/mass population, and individualized/high-income population. Three types of service and product markets.

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