12月 2022

北京时间12月02日,Cultivate aging finance. All kinds of financial institutions should enter the financial demand market for the elderly according to the needs of individuals and families, and find their own positioning and service models. Taking the insurance industry as an example, an agent must become a financial planner and own a studio, go to the front of the insurance company, put forward demands on behalf of customers, urge insurance companies and financial institutions to launch products that meet customer needs, and then complete planning and planning according to customer needs. Implement the plan. In short, it is necessary to reconstruct the aging financial service system.

Those who have entered the Chongren service area (towards Taizhou) from 12:00 to 14:00 on October 4 should immediately report to their communities, units, hotels, hotels, etc., and cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control measures.

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