12月 2022

北京时间12月02日,"The whole wedding is a simple and frugal form, advocating zero betrothal gifts and low betrothal gifts, which happens to be in line with our civilized marriage values ​​and the new concept of wedding consumption in frugal weddings." Newcomer Qiao Yu said.

In 3 years, the province's management system and mechanism for changing customs and customs will be basically sound, the outdated customs of rural weddings and funerals will be effectively curbed, social customs such as new weddings, simplified funerals, thrifty cultivation of morals, and civilized directors will become stronger, and the burden of farmers' favor expenditures will be significantly reduced , The level of civilization in rural society has been further improved, and "opposing waste and doing things in a civilized manner" has become the consensus and behavioral habit of the masses, and the peasants have a real sense of happiness and gain.

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